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About Us

Intelligent Solutions Inc. has a reputation for exceptional data communications systems analysis, software design, and testing services. Our employees have sensitive compartmented information clearances that allow them to analyze, design, and test high security systems. Our personnel have worked for large national and international technology and systems integration organizations, such as private corporations and the United States government.

Well-Known Clients

Clients who need immediate technical expertise for their IT and business projects have been relying on our consulting services for quite some time. In the past, we have provided technical consulting, project management, and training services to a variety of clients, including:

• Titan Systems Corp.™
• Lockheed Martin™
• Pointe Technology Group™
• Connect International Inc.™
• Oracle Corp.™
• L3 Communications™
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Our Executives

Bobby Nhat Dinh ( CEO and Founder)

Bobby Nhat Dinh graduated with a degree in electrical engineering in 1989. He opened ISI's doors in 1997 with the simple goal of providing quality IT consulting services. His hands-on technical experience in the development of IT solutions comes from years of working for Oracle Corp, along with other Fortune 500 companies such as SAIC, HP, Boeing, and Lockheed. He worked on relational database technologies, using a variety of hardware platforms. He has also guided and participated in many projects involving requirements analysis, data modeling, application design and development, and computer system implementation.

Bobby's technical abilities are matched by his management and communications skills. This well-rounded background has enhanced his ability to work with end-users and upper management to identify and define problems and to implement solutions. He is well versed at managing project scope, customer expectations, staffing, and information dissemination. His successful leadership of development teams and support staff has resulted in the delivery of innovative technology solutions to our clients.

Qualities of a Leader

Pressing the Mission Button

Mission Statement

Since its inception 1997, Intelligent Solutions Inc.'s mission has been the provision of high-quality technical services in the areas of information systems engineering, integration, and operational support for government and commercial clients. Our staff is selected based on their outstanding skills and experiences.

Intelligent Solution Inc.'s goal is to help our customers succeed by delivering innovative information technology solutions. Our primary product lines include business process management services, project management, systems engineering, system integration, system and database administration, software applications development and maintenance, and information systems consulting. We are committed to:

• Building on Our Unique Knowledge of Our Customers
• Fostering Partnerships with Our Customers with Quality Service
• Rapidly Responding to Customer Needs
• Streamlining the Software Deployment Process